Wednesday, February 13, 2008

When are we getting new Macbook Pro's!?!

Multiple people are waiting and waiting for new Macbook pros to come out, but no one knows when they will actually be released at the moment. Some of the things that are 99% certainly going to make it to the new Macbook pro's are the new Penryn chips, Multi-touch trackpad, Macbook air keyboard, SSD or possibly dual drives one SSD and one HDD, and the DVI port might be replaced with the mini-DVI port. Rumors suggest that the new Macbook pro will be announced very soon! (Late February is most likely) 


alex.kay said...

Nooo..!! i don't want any new Macbook Pros! I'm happy with mine lol Plus the MB Air keyboard is aweful yuck!

Justin lucke said...

I personally like the Macbook Airs keyboard, and it seams that this is the direction that Apple is going in design wise.. plus i think its sexy with the black and aluminum has a nice contrast :)