Friday, February 22, 2008

"There's Something in the Air"

Macbook Air First impressions

Today i finally had the chance to go down to my local Apple store and check out the Macbook Air. The Air extremely thin, so thin that its hard to describe in words. The Macbook Air's is very light, feels sturdy, has a bright and crisp screen, and its surprisingly fast. The design of the Macbook Air is beautiful the pictures on the web do not do it justice. The contrast between the black keys and the aluminum finish is nice but some people will not like it. The touch pad is not as large as i thought it would be, but its Multi-Touch features are simple and intuitive. The Air was also very quiet and was cool to the touch (at least when i was using it). For me personally i wish Apple had made it have a 12" screen as opposed to 13" because it would have a smaller footprint and would be even more compact. Overall i like the Macbook Air and i am thinking its a possible candidate to replace my aging iBook G4, but i think ill wait for the next generation. 

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