Monday, February 25, 2008

New Macbooks coming not Macbook pros?

Allegedly Apple Insider said that new Macbook Pros were coming due to the "leaked" model numbers in the Best Buy/FutureShop innovatory but new information refutes this information and says its new Macbooks that are coming.

"I just printed the inventory at FutureShop, the store I work at, and found new MacBooks... NOT MacBook Pros. The items are APPLE MACB MB402LL/A and MB403LL/A. I saw this posted in other places, but the prices is what will interest you. They're listed at 1149.99 and 1349.99. These are Canadian prices, mind you, so I imagine they'll be less in the states. Take a look at the picture, the two I'm mentioning are at the bottom."

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