Friday, February 29, 2008

New Apple Patent

Apple has patented the Macbook Air "Port Door" so it seams highly likely that this will make its way to other Apple laptops in the near future. The patent oddly enough shows the "door" with multiple USB, ethernet, and Firewire which are lacking in the Macbook Air.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

New iPod Touch Ad

Last night Apple introduced a new iPod touch ad which shows a table thats full of iPod Touches showing of its features. Brendan Benson is the Artist featured in the new ad with there song What I'm Looking For. Will they get as much attention as Feist did? 

Link to the new ad

iPhone now coming to Ireland

O2 announced hat they would be brining the iPhone to Ireland on March 14th, 2008. O2 retail stores and Carphone Warehouse will be selling the iPhone. The 8GB is 399 euro and the 16GB is 499 euro. 

45 euro/mo: 175 minutes, 100 texts, 1GB data

65 euro/mo: 350 minutes, 150 texts, 1GB data

100 euro/mo: 700 minutes, 250 texts, 1GB data

As of right now Visual voicemail is not available 

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

iPhone/iPod Touch SDK Delayed and Time Capsule starting to ship

Finally the iPhone/iPod Touch SDK has a launch date, and yes it is late but only by a little bit. An invitation was sent for the launch of the iPhone SDK the event will be showing on Cupertino campus on March 6th. But don't be hating Apple because they might actually make there promise on a release date this time. According to AppleInsiders sources Time Capsule is starting to ship. Some readers pointed it out to them  and said "I just checked Apple's web site and my Time Capsule order has changed to 'preparing to ship, Historically that usually happens the same day products I have ordered from Apple ship."

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

iPhone/iPod Touch 1.1.4 update and iTunes now #2

A new 1.1.4 Firmware update for iPhone and iPod Touch was released by Apple today, there are no details yet on what new features have been included except "Bug Fixes". Some early reports say that the new Firmware does break some unofficial apps. Hopefully this has something to do with iPhone Software Development Kit (SDK) maybe it will be released this month! The 1.1.4 firmware update is available through iTunes so grab it for your iPhone/iPod touch. Speaking of iTunes its now the #2 music retailer in the United States, just behind Wal-Mart.

Statement from Apple:

"We'd like to thank the over 50 million music lovers who have helped the iTunes Store reach this incredible milestone,"We continue to add great new features like iTunes Movie Rentals to give our customers even more reason to love iTunes."

Penryn Macbook's

Today Apple updated there consumer laptops the Macbook's with a few new features. The Macbook still has the same 13-inch glossy widescreen display(not LED), the new MacBook lineup comes in three models which includes faster processors (Penryn) and larger hard drives. The new Macbook's are expandable to hold up to 4GB of ram. Another thing to note is that the Macbook's do not feature a Multi-Touch trackpad like the Air/Macbook Pro and the base model Macbook still has a combo drive.

$1099. Macbook 13" 2.1GHz / 1GB / 120GB / Combo / White

$1299. Macbook 13" 2.4GHz / 2GB / 160GB / Super / White

$1499. Macbook 13" 2.4GHz / 2GB / 250GB / Super / Black

Apple updates the Macbook Pro

Today Apple released new Macbook Pro's based on Intel's latest Penryn mobile processors plus the newest NVIDIA graphics processors with up to 512mb of Vram, and that snazzy new Multi-Touch trackpad found on the Macbook Air. The new Macbook Pro runs at speeds up to 2.6GHz with 6MB of shared L2 cache and 2GB of memory standard, the Pro also has larger hard drives (up to 300gb). Unfortunately no redesign on the new pros, it seams we have been waiting an eternity on an exterior refresh.

$1999. Macbook Pro 15" 2.4GHz / 2GB / 200GB 5400RPM / 256MB Vram

$2499. Macbook Pro 15" 2.5GHz / 2GB / 250GB 5400RPM / 512MB Vram

$2799. Macbook Pro 17" 2.5GHz / 2GB / 250GB 5400RPM / 512MB Vram

Monday, February 25, 2008

New Macbooks coming not Macbook pros?

Allegedly Apple Insider said that new Macbook Pros were coming due to the "leaked" model numbers in the Best Buy/FutureShop innovatory but new information refutes this information and says its new Macbooks that are coming.

"I just printed the inventory at FutureShop, the store I work at, and found new MacBooks... NOT MacBook Pros. The items are APPLE MACB MB402LL/A and MB403LL/A. I saw this posted in other places, but the prices is what will interest you. They're listed at 1149.99 and 1349.99. These are Canadian prices, mind you, so I imagine they'll be less in the states. Take a look at the picture, the two I'm mentioning are at the bottom."

New Apple product/software on tuesday?

Something is to be released this Tuesday from Apple, the question is what is it going to be? Multiple rumor sites say its either going to be the much anticipated Macbook pro update with new Core 2 Duo Penryn mobile processors running up to 2.6GHz, and Multi-Touch trackpad, or the iPhone/iPod touch SDK(software development kit) which was rumored to be pushed back a few weeks. Make sure to check the Apple website regularly tomorrow to see all the new goodies that might possibly be released.

Apple improves their recycling program

Apple has improved its recycling program , you can now send your old iPods, Mac's and cell phones (Any brand) And this is free of charge, Good on you Apple!

Apple's Statement:

"All the e-waste we collect in North America is processed there and nothing is shipped overseas for disposal. Apple meets the requirements of the Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundry Movements of Hazardous Wastes and their Disposal. In addition to annual compliance audits of our recycling vendors, we review the performance of their downstream vendors. Recyclers must comply with all applicable health and safety laws, and we do not allow the use of prison labor at any stage of the recycling process. Apple does not allow the disposal of hazardous electronic waste in solid waste landfills or incinerators, including waste-to-energy incinerators."

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Steve!

Today Steve Jobs turned the ripe old age of 53, will Steve ever retire? Who will most likely take his place? Sadly some day he will have to retire the more i think about it Jonathan Ive(Designer of iconic products such as the iPod & iMac) will most likely take his place and take Apple to new heights. 

Saturday, February 23, 2008

iPhone/iPod Touch SDK delayed?

Arik Hesseldahl from Business Week has said he has a source that told him that the iPhone/iPod touch SDK (software development kit) will be delayed by 1-3 weeks.  As of right now Apple has not made any official statement about the delay of the SDK, but it seams likely that it will be delayed since they only have a week to finish it. This is rather disappointing but its better to have finished software without problems than one that is riddled with them.

Friday, February 22, 2008

"There's Something in the Air"

Macbook Air First impressions

Today i finally had the chance to go down to my local Apple store and check out the Macbook Air. The Air extremely thin, so thin that its hard to describe in words. The Macbook Air's is very light, feels sturdy, has a bright and crisp screen, and its surprisingly fast. The design of the Macbook Air is beautiful the pictures on the web do not do it justice. The contrast between the black keys and the aluminum finish is nice but some people will not like it. The touch pad is not as large as i thought it would be, but its Multi-Touch features are simple and intuitive. The Air was also very quiet and was cool to the touch (at least when i was using it). For me personally i wish Apple had made it have a 12" screen as opposed to 13" because it would have a smaller footprint and would be even more compact. Overall i like the Macbook Air and i am thinking its a possible candidate to replace my aging iBook G4, but i think ill wait for the next generation. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

iPod Hi-Fi Review

When Apple Discontinued the iPod Hi-Fi i felt lucky because i picked one up a few days before, an i have to say this is the best speaker i have ever owed. The bass on this thing is very powerful and rich but the treble is a bit soft. With the latest speaker systems on the market the Hi-Fi is not as powerful but it does have the best iPod compatibility. If you can still find one on clearance somewhere i highly recommend this product.

Things i like:
-Compact design
-line in
-works great with all iPods
-touch controls
-Great sound for the money

Things i don't:
-Cant use line in if ipod is plugged in
-The remote has limited function
-Not very portable
-Week treble

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Xserve RAID no more and Xsan 2

Apple Discontinues the Xserve RAID and instead promotes The Promise VTrak E-Class RAID Subsystem. Apple also introduced Xsan 2 which has the following features. 




        SAN volume

Xsan allows you to consolidate data into a single storage volume that’s accessible to all systems on the storage area network (SAN). Adding capacity is as easy as attaching more RAID storage systems to your Fibre Channel network.

Fibre Channel network

The SAN volume connects to the Xsan metadata controller and all Xsan clients through a high-speed Fibre Channel switch. Apple has qualified many popular third-party switches for use with Xsan.

Xsan metadata controller

Xsan includes software called the “metadata controller,” which acts as the traffic cop for the SAN. When an Xsan client attempts to read or write to a file, it gets permission from the metadata controller, then accesses the data directly on the SAN over high-speed Fibre Channel. Any Xserve or Mac Pro running Mac OS X Server can be an Xsan metadata controller.

Xsan clients

Mac desktop or Xserve systems running Xsan have direct block-level access to files stored on the SAN volume and full read/write capability. As performance needs grow, Xsan allows you to add servers and computers to the SAN. With Xsan, one SAN can handle hundreds of clients.

Ethernet network

File system metadata is handled “out of band” over a private Ethernet network shared by all systems connected directly to the SAN. This frees up Fibre Channel bandwidth for high-performance storage throughput.

Network clients

An Xserve with Mac OS X Server and Xsan can share data from the SAN volume with an unlimited number of networked computers over the Ethernet network using file-sharing protocols, such as AFP, SMB/CIFS, and NFS.       

Macbook/Macbook pro keyboard update 1.0

Grab this Update if you have been experiencing any problems with your macbook/Macbook pro keyboard, as it will most likely eliminate the problem. Details listed below

"This MacBook and MacBook Pro firmware update addresses an issue where the first key press may be ignored if the computer has been sitting idle. It also addresses some other issues. The update package will install an updater application into the Applications/Utilities folder and will launch it automatically. Please follow the instructions in the updater application to complete the update process."

Apple updates the iPod Shuffle

The "new" iPod shuffle now comes in 1gb and 2gb, still in the same pastel colors. The iPod shuffle also finally got a much needed price cut. The 1gb is 49$ and the 2gb is 69$, the 2gb shuffle has no official release yet it only says "coming soon."

Monday, February 18, 2008

Safari on  tv

Safari HD lets tv owners browse the web right from the comfort of their couch. In order to use this patch you need to have what's called an ssh-enabled  tv. When downloaded the installer script will take care of everything and will install all the components for you. Another plus is that Safari HD lets you use bookmarks so you wont need to type in all your favorite websites.

BBC on iTunes UK

Good new for  all the people using iTunes as there media outlet in UK, BBC added there TV programs to the iTunes UK store. Each episode will run you  at £1.89, they will be available for purchase about eight days after they are aired on TV. 

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Is Apple finally Going Green?

The answer is yes, Apple has introduced 3 "Green" products but most of them have missed the mark of being called completely eco friendly. Apple's first attempt at going green was the iPhone; Apple said it was green because its made from recyclable materials such as aluminum & glass. But in reality the iPhone still has hazardous chemicals that are bad for the environment. Apples second greenish product was the iMac, the iMac's are sold with less bromine casings and printed circuit board laminates as well as PVC-free internal cables. Thus making the new iMac much more green than its predecessors. Apple's third green product is the newly announced Macbook Air, the Air is a mercury and arsenic free laptop plus it exceeds European Standards (RoHS directive exemptions). The Air has BFR and PVC free printed wiring on the motherboard.

Quote from Greenpeace 

"The MacBook Air has less PVC and BFRs than other Mac computers, but it is not entirely free from those hazardous chemicals. Had it been it would have made Apple an ecological leader. With their product design on the right track Apple needs to make environmental leadership the theme of all its products - old and new. That means green design as standard right through the product line and a real global commitment to take back and recycling. We can almost taste that Green Apple, unfortunately it’s not ripe yet."

What is your favorite Mac/Apple product?

In every Apple enthusiast, there is one product that has a special place in there iHeart and steers up memories of the good old days. For me that product is the Apple iMac G4, as soon as i saw the keynote i was awe struck. When steve jobs said "Let each element be true to its self" i totally agreed. This for me is the most stunning apple product design ever, what is your favorite Mac/Apple product?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Western Digital My Book Review

A few days ago i picked up a My Book Essential Edition 500gb to use with Time Machine, and so far it is an amazing external HDD. The My Book backs up quickly with usb 2.0  and has a whisper quite fan. One of the features that i like is that its plug and  play all you do is plug it in and it powers on and off. In Mac OS X it immediately popped up on my desktop when plugged in and asked if wanted to use it as my Time Machine back of drive, no drivers or install was needed. If your looking for an external HDD for time machine i highly recommend this product for both its great features and low price.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Recent rumors false about Apple gaming device?

Recent rumors  suggested that apple will releasing a dedicated gaming device, but new interpretations say that Apple is just releasing more games for the iPod, iPod touch, and iPhone. The iPod touch and iPhone are probably going to see games come when the SDK (software development kit )launches this February. 

Speaking of the SDK "Tiny Code no longer produces fixes or applications for firmware 1.1.3. We can't say much, but we are working with Apple and with their SDK for the next firmware release and SDK applications and we shouldn't be missed for long," Tiny Code also wrote: "We will no longer update our repo for legality reasons and you should see us soon on iTunes."

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Apple Filed new "podmaps" patent

This  concept is said to merge visual maps and spoken directions which lets users request directions from there location and is presented with visual maps and spoken driving directions. According to Apple the text, maps, and audio are sent to a "podmap creator" which turns the directions into a video podcast that is stored on an RSS server to be retrieved by the user at any time.

"In this regard, the application server can reply to the client program to notify the client that the requested podmap is now available from the podmap RSS server. The client program can then interact with the podmap RSS server to retrieve the requested podmap," (Apple)

Happy Valentines Day!

Love Different! 

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

When are we getting new Macbook Pro's!?!

Multiple people are waiting and waiting for new Macbook pros to come out, but no one knows when they will actually be released at the moment. Some of the things that are 99% certainly going to make it to the new Macbook pro's are the new Penryn chips, Multi-touch trackpad, Macbook air keyboard, SSD or possibly dual drives one SSD and one HDD, and the DVI port might be replaced with the mini-DVI port. Rumors suggest that the new Macbook pro will be announced very soon! (Late February is most likely) 

Spore is coming to the Mac on September 7th!

Spore has been in development for many years and now on September 7th, 2008 you can finally play the highly anticipated game. Spore is the newest project of Will Wright who is the creator of the Sims. Spore is slightly similar to the Sims, since its a life simulation game. This game is very unique because you start out as a micro-organism and you control you own evolution. You create a civilization that after time will launch into  outer space to settle among other planets. System requirement are unknown at the present moment, but if you have a newer intel mac or a G5 you would most likely be able to run the game.

Check out the Video of the game------->

Apple reduces iPod/iPhone/Macbook production and increases iMac production

Even though Apple is still on track to ship 10 million iPhones by the end of 2008, several analysts are saying that Apple pulled back iPod touch, iPhone, and MacBook production for Quarter 1. Apparently strong sales of the iMac have led to the production increase of about 35 percent.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Aperture 2 released

Apple introduced Aperture 2, which is the next major release of there photo editing/management software. This new version of Aperture 2 has 100+ new features with a new simpler user interface and an entirely new image processing engine. 

Some of the new imaging tools in Aperture 2:

-Highlight recovery

-Color vibrancy

-Local contrast definition

-Soft-edged retouching

-Vignetting and RAW fine-tuning

Apple TV (Take 2) update now available

The new FREE update adds Multiple features such as: 

-A new more friendly user interface
-You can now buy all your content right on the device itself. 
-HD content now available (Only 720p apparently)
-No computer required to use the device

Monday, February 11, 2008

10.5.2 is out!

10.5.2 is out! Get it while its hot :)

• Airport connection reliability and stability improvements

• Back to my Mac for third-party routers
• Dashboard widget performance improvement
• Stacks fix! List view, Folder view, and updated background for Grid Vid View
• Menubar transparency disabling
• Less translucent menus
• Several iCal recurring meetings supports, bug fixes overall
• iChat Bugfixes
• iSync support added for Samsung D600E and D900i phones
• Finder bugfixes
• Mail bugfixes
• AFP network volume hanging fixed
• RAW support
• Preview bugfixes
• Time Machine bugfixes (some external drives not being recognized)

Hello and welcome to Aluminum & Glass, this site will consist of Apple news, tips, tricks, and reviews. Our first entry is about the iPhone. The iPhone has been huge for Apple, but will people buy the 2nd Gen iPhone? Personally i think there are still a few things missing from the current version. Things like an office suite, if Apple seriously wants to compete in the smart phone market they need to make the iPhone more business friendly. The most obvious way to do this is to include iWork on the iPhone. It Just blows my mind why Apple did not include iWork in the first place. Here are some of the features that i want in the second generation iPhone:

-iWork 08
-3G network
-Better quality camera (with video)
-Home screen customization (let us change the background!)
-Larger capacity 16gb standard?
-Better battery life