Sunday, February 17, 2008

Is Apple finally Going Green?

The answer is yes, Apple has introduced 3 "Green" products but most of them have missed the mark of being called completely eco friendly. Apple's first attempt at going green was the iPhone; Apple said it was green because its made from recyclable materials such as aluminum & glass. But in reality the iPhone still has hazardous chemicals that are bad for the environment. Apples second greenish product was the iMac, the iMac's are sold with less bromine casings and printed circuit board laminates as well as PVC-free internal cables. Thus making the new iMac much more green than its predecessors. Apple's third green product is the newly announced Macbook Air, the Air is a mercury and arsenic free laptop plus it exceeds European Standards (RoHS directive exemptions). The Air has BFR and PVC free printed wiring on the motherboard.

Quote from Greenpeace 

"The MacBook Air has less PVC and BFRs than other Mac computers, but it is not entirely free from those hazardous chemicals. Had it been it would have made Apple an ecological leader. With their product design on the right track Apple needs to make environmental leadership the theme of all its products - old and new. That means green design as standard right through the product line and a real global commitment to take back and recycling. We can almost taste that Green Apple, unfortunately it’s not ripe yet."

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